The Witcher2 : Ploughing Opinions

The Witcher 2 Video GameThe Witcher2 : Assassin of Kings was going to be one of those video games I had seen on a shelf at my local  Game or read the review online  and I would have skipped it without a thought. Thanks to the mighty power of Twitter comes an overheard moment and  a new experience.


Getting the obvious out of the way first:   Video Game, Role Playing Game, Slay bad guys, save good guys, choose choices, change the world. Nothing that has not been done before and it will be done again.

Hold on though!  there is a little more to this game than  hacking, slashing and button mashing  until the evil slithering grumpkins are quicktimed to their last hit point. The Witcher is based on a series of Polish Fantasy Novels by Andrzej Sapkowski ; so here we have a video game based on a world defined by European mythology and with monsters and villains not defined by western tropes and fears. The game got sexy; to the point that like most good things broadcast from the east they are not afraid of some Boobs, Bums or lurid language.  I went as a skeptic, I left with a strong desire to plough that game with all my might in search of one of those satisfying sixteen endings.

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