Clockwork Watch : The Arrival


Yesterday I took part in the first  Transmedia event accompanying the launch of The Arrival and which would set the scene for the three year arc which I first contributed at IndieGogo :ClockWork Watch:The Arrival

I took very few pictures of the day which is probably a testament to the emersion of the experience which I would categorise as parts Disney Themepark and parts Murder Mystery experience. As guests merged with hosts and non playing characters who set the scene of a Victorian Britain at the moment that Clockwork Automated Intelligence is revealed and society is split over the implications of a possibly automated workforce that might revolutionize or make redundant many parts of society . It was a day of true story telling , imagination , competition , puzzles and subterfuge played against other guests and the hosts and building out a world in which this experience will grow. I count this investment on my part to have been more than adequately repaid and I look forward to see this story unfold on stage, on the web , in meetings and in a possible feature film.  I may have to come back and talk about this some more because trying to compress the experience into a readable few words is proving almost impossible. All I can say is keep a  clockwork watch out for future content.


Peace and Prosperity

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