Amazon Kindle going strong one year on.

I bought my Kindle back in 2010 as a Christmas present to myself. I bought it not because I hate books; but because I enjoy them too much. I love to read, so does Sharon and so do my kids. This results in a house which without too much effort begins to take on the form of a second hand bookshop but with less local flyers on the pinboard and no cranky shop owners harrying the customers out of the door. When I bought the Kindle I did not follow through with the empty conceit of loading thousands of free books which would most likely never be read. Instead I bought one book, read that one then bought another and read that one and so on and so on and so on. IMG_9834It has not taken long for my Kindle collection of books to grow and for the small collection of books I have received as gifts to go untouched as I consume yet more content on my Kindle.

What they dont tell you about owning a device like a Kindle is that it is a gateway drug to book buying. Unlike conventional book experiences you  do not  reach the end of a novel and think ‘Well that was great I must look out for the next book when I am down town’ Instead you are greeted by a  sly message from Amazon that points you to the next book in the series or other books by that author. At that moment its not like you do not have any more books to read and it is just a click away and to easy to do;  and then; you have another book to read and off you go again. This might explain why I did not buy the 3G version of the kindle.

This year the pain of purchases is  alleviated as I am dedicating 2012 to reading Charles Dickens; whose collection of stories and books are for the most part free to download. I shall no doubt write more on that topic  later.

What I wanted to say in this post was this; the Kindle as an ereader has won a place in my patronage of gadgets for its efficiency in space saving, consumerism and content. I know now that I shall be replacing the gadget when this reader finally bites the dust.

Thanks for reading.

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

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