12412Project : GitHub January

When Clive Walker pointed out the 12412 Project on twitter I signed up , well okay I committed to taking part . The prospect of committing myself to learning 1 new skill set every month in 2012 as a process to focus on pushing myself beyond some of my existing skill sets appealed because it was non invasive to my time and improved my exposure to new toolsets.

In January I committed to learning about Git and GitHub and after 4 weeks I can now confirm that I have left my old roots of CVS behind and have moved one of my core client projects into a private Github repository.

Git Hub

What I learnt about Github was less about Github but more about my approach to learning a new subject or toolset. In simple terms these broke down to

  • State my problem.
  • Seek Good articles explaining how people solved those problems.
  • Make note of how I responded to that and tracked them.
  • Re-iterate and practice until the skillset is founded.

In 4 weeks my grasp of Github and git for my development toolset is sufficient for me to move forward. Whats for February ? Well you will just have to add me to your feed reader.

Thanks for reading.

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