Day 20 : Dell Vostro v130–Sunday Backups

I use weekends for downtime and upgrade time. Saturdays and sundays I run backups and upgrades for my machines and consoles as far as I can. Here is where ‘App based development on iOS stands out since applications can be updates across the whole device I still have to open and ‘check for updates’ on a number of applications.


iscsiThe built in Ethernet port on the Vostro v130 means that some of these processes are faster to run that they would be on my MacBook Air since Wifi is not an ideal environment for sending large volumes of files. 

It helps that Windows 7 now incorporates an iSCSI initiator to allow me to connect to my iSCSI storage area network ( e.g.  my Ubuntu Server )


If your backing up a whole operating system and data then a Local area network connection, ,especially at 1Gbi,t to an iSCSI server makes light work of the potential 500Gb of data to be archived from the disk and Acronis True Image makes the job almost invisible.


acronisOne more thing about Acronis True image is that it can create a Disk image as well as file images from the disk which makes recovery via Clonezilla a walk in the park.


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