Day 21 : Dell Vostro v130–See It and Want it

A new employee starts at one of my clients and in asking for a Laptop I had the opportunity to demonstrate  the v130. “I want that one, how soon can I get it ?” was his reply. The exposure of the laptop to an experienced Dell laptop user evokes this response and in doing so it marks the start of ;

The great Dell website adventure.


In 10 years of buying  Dell the experience of their website has never been the most elegant  of  experiences. I would hope that my occasional exhortations as to the quality of  the Ebuyer website would filter upwards to Dell.


Step 1 : You Search for v130 and are presented with a couple of options.


Step 2:  You pick the wrong option  and like a badly written ‘choose your own adventure’ your journey comes to an end. Denied!


Step 3: You choose again and you choose wisely.  ‘Success!’ now continue to choose your most desired option.


Step  4: Did I say choose ? surely the option is more akin to rolling the dice and using your wallet and budget as the modifier choose a link that will most likely take you towards your eventual goal.


And ever onwards do you journey in the course of buying this Laptop. I am fortunate that at the point of building a basket for check-out I can   email this to my account manager at Dell ( a wonderfully helpful chap whose patience to answer my questions impresses  , cheers Brendan ). Dell   promptly returns me a quote for the product against which I can place the order.

After a few years of working with Dells website you can interpret their web signals and locate your purchase much faster than other less experienced Dell adventurers.

Meanwhile the order was placed within 10 minutes and it will be  arriving within 10 days.


Thanks for reading.

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