Day 19 : Dell Vostro v130–The Show must go on.

Here comes the weekend and with a night at the movies however should we be unable to make the date the Vostro HDMI output coupled with Zune marketplace and my existing Xbox Live Points means we can buy or rent a movie to watch on the little big screen without the overpriced popcorn and coke concessionary. This is thanks to the Microsoft Live , which is in my view an underrated social network and media service. It links my Xbox Live account from my Xbox usage to a Desktop experience allowing me to access Zune content on the Xbox or Laptop paying for music and video using Xbox Live points ( or actual money points if you prefer )


Playing out HD Content does not cause the laptop to go into overdrive though not as silent as a Home Theatre PC ( HTPC ) set up or as silent as a Mac Air the built in HDMI output along with the ability to access content from my laptop on my Xbox makes it a fast media answer. I suppose someone will grumble about the lack of Blu-ray in the drive but I really feel physical media is terribly overrated.

The more eagle eyes will spot that my Xbox Live marketplace ID is not ‘Loudmouthman’. I have been ‘A Witty Remark’ on Xbox Live and other Mutliplayer networks for longer than I was Loudmouthman. I created it as a response to the quake style console updates that would report.

TotoroMatt was evicerated by A Witty Remark.

Yes I have exactly that sense of humour.



Thanks for reading.

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