Diary of a Coffee Addict #3: Fair Trade Organic

Bit of a shock for Saturday morning as the Espresso blend  “Fair Trade Organic Beans” from Xpresscoffee ripped away a small part of my forebrain and beat my Saturday sensibilities with a caffeine cat-o-nine tails. As my tweet of the morning put it.

This “Fair Trade Organic” its a deep harsh strong coffee. I think its a little annoyed with me for not treating it right in the morning

To be fair to the coffee I am  sure that the Bialetti Venus Stove Cofee Maker was not the best choice for its preparation and I suspect I was paying for my shortcuts. This coffee wants to be steamed, pressed and pushed. This Coffee wants to be treated with respect and attention and served in small doses and appreciated at length. Rush this coffee and serve it in a mug and your going to be whipped for it.

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