Configure your Laptop For Safe Public Surfing

Following my previous screencast on configuring your home windows machine to act as a server for secure public surfing ,  Create a Secure Internet Proxy and Private Network.

Here is the “how to” on configuring your laptop to connect  to that server.

These instructions differ from many  examples on the net by including advice on setting your Domain Name Server settings. This is an important step since many “man in the middle” attacks utilise amended Domain Name Server records to point you to a alternative “cloned” sites which act like the original. Protecting your name server lookups alongside your browser communications is the next best level of securing your surfing.

Since creating these screencasts and tackling this topic  I have have been introduced to Coocon App whose community manager DavidCocoonApp has confirmed that much of the issues I have set out to tackle are to be addressed in their product. So please watch this space ( or rather a newer posting on this blog )

As an alternative to all the above you could just use the Log Me In remote desktop access to your remote machine and surf the internet inside that connection although that might not be an easy answer if the machine is shared or if your laptop screen size is markedly different from your desktop screensize.

Thank for reading.

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