Create a Secure Internet Proxy and Private network

On a recent episode of Social Media White Noise ( #19 ) I discussed the merits and risks of using publically available WiFi spots. Specifically I was concerned that many people are surfing without an awareness of how to protect their internet conversations and content. To this end I have recorded part one of a two part discussion on how to secure your internet surfing when abroad. You will need a number of bits of software; namely Hamachi by way of LogmeIn, Treewalk and Squid and you may want to grab a coffee and watch  this Screencast which explains the installation process and I will sort out the best way to upload the link to that SQUID config file in a bit.

I will follow up this server end screencast with a tutorial on how to do the same from a MAC or using OpenVPN on a Linux box.

I would appreciate your comments and feedback on this and other tools as well as your thoughts on using Screentoaster.

Thanks for reading

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