Scribe Fire the Bloggers blotter pad.

If youve been reading this blog for a while then you will notice that many recent posts are published by ScribeFire. Also if youve been reading this blog for a while then why not take a break ‘Tiredness can kill’.

ScribeFire ( a Plugin for Firefox ) provides a editing tool for blogposts that manages my several wordpress blog subscriptions as well as allowing me to create content for the site whilst disconnected from the web. It has a strong , and ever improving, feature set and it feels like it reduced blogging fatigue by making the content creation process easier. . Yes I hear you say but you can do that with notepad or word or just a Moleskine what  makes ScribeFire better ?

Like many tools in my daily gadget lifestyle ScribeFire was initially tested with the view to managing existing posts and pages, what dveloped though was the appreciation that ScribeFire would let me create content for my blog(s) and when connected to the Internet I can upload those entries read for publication all without the cut/paste and re purpose hassle of connecting to the wordpress editor whilst online. I can open a new post when sitting on the train and save the note for publication. I can pull up previous posts and pages and link to them and other content and store this work for later revision and publication. Indeed many of these posts are written in batch days or weeks in advance and scheduled for publication to keep that blog monster fed.

Indeed I am sitting on a train approaching Horsham and typing this into my browser saving the note and opening a new one for my next new post.  If your using Firefox and blogging on any level go have a look at ScribeFire and give me your own feedback and experiences.

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1 Comments on “Scribe Fire the Bloggers blotter pad.

  1. I love scribefire so far. As a writer many of my posts start with a quick inspiration, but I want to revisit them later. Scribefire lets you start and stop easily, the way that writers traditionally do.