Juno , what I like ?

Smart comedy written with the view that the audience are more than capable of keeping up with an idea than needing dick and fart gags every 10 minutes !

Last year ( yeah yeah I know I should keep up to date ) I was very lucky to be invited to a pre screening of Juno. The event organised though Sizemore  by way of  ThinkJam provided me the opportunity to experience a film from a bloggers point of view.

Juno reminded me of the smart dialog which I came to enjoy in shows like West Wing or Gilmore Girls. It doesnt loose its pace nor its focus on where the funny is. It avoids moralising over Junos decisions but does not loose sight of the impact of her choices.

Its currently on release  in the UK and if you missed it ( you might have I posted this late sorry ) then do three things.

  1. Buy it on DVD because its going to be one of those films you watch once a year for the schmaltz factor alone.
  2. Get the sound track to the film because those tunes will be ear wigging you for days to come
  3. Get yourself a Hamburger phone whilst you can because when she picks it up to make the call all the angst of the 80s came a flooding back for me and I longed for gimmick phone handsets.

More on Juno at the usual IMDB link.

Thanks for reading.

I will be back more often … promise.

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2 Comments on “Juno , what I like ?

  1. I like your description of Juno has trusting the audience to be able to delay their desire for gratification through to the end of the film. They didn’t need to have gimmicks, or worse gags, throughout.

    While perhaps a little rosy, the film was fun to watch and see how the characters changed (or didn’t).

    I agree with your recommendation to pick up the soundtrack. Once you’ve seen how it comes together by the end of the film, listening to it will make much more sense. And, it’s different enough that it does stick with you.

  2. Best film I have seen in ages and one of those that really stayed with me. It was so NOT hollywood formula and yet uplifting. A difficult balance executed brilliantly.