Eight things which dont make sense.

I was tagged by Chris Hambly to discuss eight random things about myself and much as I am loathe to talk about myself[1] let me honour the tag and give you a few unrelated things about me.

  1. I was the first contestant in Get Set for Summers TV POW phone in Video Game somewhere in the 80s. I dont even remember submitting an entry card but I remember playing the game and winning. I had to say Pow down the telephone line and cause a space invader to be shot. I was playing against a girl so of course I won[2]
  2. I own a Blue moon rose which I cultivate and grow and cause to bloom. Ive been working on getting the bloom to grow to ridiculous sizes. If it was an animal then the RSPCA would have brought me in years ago. If I had the space and time Id grow a few more ridiculous coloured roses.
  3. When I was 12(ish) I had such a serious asthma attack that I ended up in Intensive care for a few weeks and was unconscious for a week. What sucked most was learning to walk and regaining muscle control. Plus waking up with more tubes in you than the London underground, not fun.
  4. My teachers said I would never get job in computers because I lacked the relevant qualifications to get an opportunity. This was in the late eighties and what the hell did school know about getting work with computers ? Come to that what do they know today ?
  5. I mail spammed every potential employer after I left college until one of them asked me in for an Interview. I started my first job as a Help Desk support guy for Lloyds Bank Insurance Services. I was pretty much the only chap there for a few weeks but the team soon grew.
  6. I own more than 10 ubuntu Polo Shirts so no its not the same one you see me wearing every time. When I was involved in the Ubuntu Community I used to sell the shirts at various events. When Canonical came out with their own collection demand for mine dried up. So not letting something go to waste I turned them into one of my motifs which is why in a public space you can expect to see me wearing one of them.
  7. I was elected a Councillor of Roffey North for the North Horsham Parish Council. I put myself forward as a candidate last year when the local parish newsletter asked if people wanted to stand as a candidate. I got 900+ votes from my parish and now take part in various local council and parish council meetings when invited or summoned.
  8. I blame West Wing for making me take an interest in Politics.

Now theres 8 random things let me tag 8 Random People.

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Thanks for reading.

[1] HAH! Ed!

[2] Cue the flames of death. Especially from an old CS Friend Bootz

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  3. Since when were you reluctant to talk about yourself !!!!

  4. Thanks to My Father ( HarryB ) for commenting on my Blog. Proof at least that he does read my entries! Hi Dad.

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  6. oh kerrrrist on a bike.. I’ve only just seen this! I’m a BAD bad girly, it may be a tad late but I’ll get on it tomorrow – promise ;0)