A Very Public Private display.

So the fireworks went off, the pundits, reporters, bloggers, readers and armchair lawyers have had their fill of the whole debacle and the upshot of which is no matter how display ends Robert Scoble has managed to increase the traffic and footfall to his site and his views. Well done Robert, even when its going wrong it seems to go right for you.

It left me wondering how little agreement there is on how public or private a name or email or phone number should be. I would assume that if you and I have shared a conversation then you would have access to any data I have shared with you. I would assume that if I placed this information for your access then your going to do with it as you require. I have dont see the difference between my giving you a Business Card or my Facebook profile or my Gamertag. If I have published the information then I would expect it to be used. The point is this; “any information I dont want people to have, I dont share”.

Since there is a clear disparity between my understanding and the person I am dealing with, I thought I would help by using a “License” under which I can clarify my desire for you to “have” the information. I have published the license under my Agreement tab above.

Now providing your not using my information for commercial use or benefit, and providing you credit me with providing you the information then by all means use the information.One more thing I dont want you to use Microsoft Word or Ami Pro for storing my details in unless you ask me. Why ? Because I can ask.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Comments on “A Very Public Private display.

  1. What? Why are you not prescribing font specs if you are specifying suitable (or not) storage programs?

    Am I forbidden from scanning your business card to put in my Word document?

    Or did a point of your post fly above my head

    Co fused in Flint

  2. Thats an excellent point. I wanted to specify tht since my Parents were the source of the code I wished to make it allowable to transfer personal information I may have shared with you for your own personal and non commercial purposes. I know I know restricting WORD and Ami pro is going to hit a lot of people very hard but hey theres always BMP!

  3. Nik, we can try hard to protect our personal/private data, but the very second we release something to someone, it’s out of our control on how it’s used or disseminated.

    I did a quick search yesterday for my previous Twitter posts, I was amazed at how much STUFF is just sitting out there.

    Unless you create masked identities, like using GrandCentral for your mobile number, or forwarded email addresses, at some point it’s going to be a losing battle. A good fight, but a losing battle.