A Social Network Startup Pack.

One of the many values of a Podcamp is the spontaneous sessions and conversations that occur between the conversations.

So when Sara Nicole asked us “Who should I follow on Twitter ?” there was the usual collection of recommendations. Which lead to me suggesting we create a “unSession” and invite Podcampers to drop my and contribute. The Suggestions below are in no particular order nor have we “categorised” them as was the pressing need of some individuals.

If you are just entering the social media networking world and are looking for interesting conversations to listen into then we would love to suggest the following individuals. You are of course welcome to drop a comment here and suggest a few more.

Robert Scoble ( Scobliezer ) and his ( Scobelinksblog ) , John Gruber, Scott Simpson ( scottsimpson ),

Chris Brogan ( chrisbrogan ) , Jim Long ( newmediajim ) , Jeremiah OwYang ( Jowyang ), Christopher Penn ( cspenn )

Connie Bensen ( cbensen ) , Connie Reece ( conniereece ) , Laura Fitton ( pistachio ) , Beth Kanter ( kanter ),

CC Chapman ( cc_chapman ) , Brian Solis ( briansolis ) ,Mitch joel ( mitchjoel ) , Jason Calacanis ( jasoncalacanis )

Merlin Mann ( hotdogsladies ) , Becky McCray ( beckymccray ) , Biz Stone (biz ) , Dan York ( danyork )

Bre petis ( bre ), kosso ( Kosso ) , Fiz ( 01000101) , David Hewlett ( dhewlett )

jeffpulver ( jeffpulver ) , Guy Kawasaki ( guykawasaki ), Ian Forrester ( cubicgarden )

Helping to discuss and produce this list of names in the PodCamp Social Network Startup Pack were :

Jeff Glasson ( jeffglasson ) , 5 tacos ( 5tacos ) , Sara Nicole ( saranicole ) , Bill Rowland ( billrowland ) ,

Jane Quigley ( jquig99 ) , Robin Browne ( robinbrowne ) , Derrick Kwa ( derrickkwa )

And course yours truly Nik Butler ( loudmouthman )

Thanks for reading and taking part.

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8 Comments on “A Social Network Startup Pack.

  1. Actually You did and I have no idea why I skipped you in editing since I was reading you blog at the time !

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  3. Hey Nik,
    Now I really wish I would’ve followed Jeff Glasson’s advice to attend Pod Boston 2! Will you be there next year?

    I’m so humbled to be on your list. I met Kevin here on your blog. And thanks in advance for add’l friends I meet due to being included in your list here.

    Thanks my friend!

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  5. Thanks for adding me to this illustrious group — I’m honored! It’s great advice to recommend people with similar interests to follow on Twitter. I’ve tweeted that that very question before — who should I be following? I don’t remember what path I followed to find you on Twitter, but I’m glad I did. 🙂

  6. Nik, this is a great group. While I’ve been following several already, I want to thank you for pointing out even more great individuals.