Podcamp Boston Post Show Debrief.

Its been well over a week since I visited Podcamp Boston and now I have the perspective and the distance to evaluate the events. As many will know ( or have discovered ) I am not a great traveller, being so far away from Home for me is hard work so I really have to express again my gratitude to so many of you for making the visit a totally memorable one.

Since Loic Lemur was very kind to answer my Santa request and send me a invite to Seesmic allow me to explain what visiting a Podcamp has done for me.

Podcamp Boston was just that event. You could talk share and express Ideas and not spend your time playing the value incentive games with the people you were talking with . Granted there were one or two individuals who I saw and have met in the past whom were doing this but they were very much in the minority.So lets recap on the people I met and the conversations I have had and if I forgot someone or some group then I can only apologise profusely and ask that you raise your hand and say “aye”.

My arrival Friday afternoon was followed by much twitter organising and arrangement as JoeC0914 ( Joe Cascio ) reached out and organised me away from the Hotel and out to the more lively parts of Boston. So it was first down to Fenway Park ( Apparently an important building ) to the Boston Brewery Company for some Real Ale ( Micro Brewers for the win ! ) a real burger and then off to Tequilla Rain for the Friday night Podcamp Social event. By which point I was crashing badly from fatigue and having made a few introductions and kicked a scotsman to the floor I was heading back to my hotel and a evenings sleep ( as much as I could get )

Joe Cascio , Joe was most awesome in rounding me up and getting me out of the hotel and socialising on the first evening. Having known Joe via the net for such a long time ( okay Months , but really 1 hour is forever on the Net ) it was a pleasure to shake hands and grab a beer with Joe.

Jack Hodgson a writer, commentator and ambulatory vocalist we met as strangers left as friends.

Ewan Spence most notorious for consistent kilt wearing on opion sharing though being Scottish its no suprise ,and I should know.

Fizz ( 010001010 ) who I have twittered with ever since I joined the twitterati. She recently fell in love and got engaged to Kosso and in under 140 characters. Shes an Aussie on the move and despite currently residing in London it was not until Boston that I met up with her.

Kosso Do you ever have those moments when you realise you are meeting someone that everyone else knows and your only meeting for the first time. Kosso I actually got to know more about this very smart and canny gentleman because of Fizz, well whoda Fought ! eh !

Chris Brogan okay hands up if you dont know whom Chris Brogan is ? I was firs introduced to Chris Brogans blog by another net friend ( Schwuk ). Chris is a gentleman of much consideration and insight in his writing and his actions. Take time to listen and learn my friend.

Christopher Penn The Orignial Social Media Ninja Christhopher Penn who founded the idea and concepts that have built the upon unconference meme that is Podcamps has invaluable experience and understanding of the social network communities. As with Brogan , so with Penn.

Andrea Mercado louder than me and more socially buzzing than a spiked rum bowl at a frat party heres someone even I felt a little in awe of.

Laura (Pistachio) Fitton How cool is it when you meet someon in the real world and having spent so much time conversing with them online that you skip so many formalities and get down to the friendships. Laura you are and always well be a most fantastic individual.

Bre Pettis was the first of my personal Rock Stars that I got to meet and spend a little time with. A good friend to Kosso ( where in my world associations gets ever smaller ) . Bre keep on making the cool things , I love em!

Julia Roy talk about a PR bombshell .. .Well we could but instead I want to talk about Julia Patricia Roy whose characteristic stye and presentation was well matched to her twitters and postings. Shes a Genius of the Marketing Maneuver so if you get the chance to listen to her ideas then do it! do it now.

And those were just the people I met on Friday at Tequilla Rain and Boston Brewery Company. So with that evening complete I headed back to my hotel and to a Weekend of conversations and ideas. My Saturday started early and proceeded into the early hours of the morning of Sunday.

Jeff Glasson yet another twitter addict whom has chatted and swapped ideas over the last few months. Jeffs website Die Cast Audio is one of the best “niche” websites that I use to demonstrate to other business owners the power of good social media networking.

Kathryn Jones, whose self styled technical delivery and promotion of all things social media especially in relation to ’35’ demonstrates just how “untechnical” the web2.0 and social media community is becoming. As proof of social network magic in action look no further.

Jeff Pulver I should thank Jeff for being one of the first to send me an invite and for prompting me into action to move from here to get out into the social media world in the real life time space. Jeff is one of those few people you meet in business who actually talks to you , not at you. His talks at Podcamp Boston and Von were unsurprisingly packed out and well received. I must again thank Jeff for the time on his Show ( PulverTV ) and for the opportunities he has created for The Loudmouthman. Thank you Jeff.

Geo Geller constantly ensuring that Jeffs shadow never strayd to far and constantly making those mental left ( or right ) turns in the idea scape Geo s commentary, contribution and photography were emphatically delivered.

Chel Pixie This Wonder Woman of Organisation the Social Secretary of Syndication and the Temptress of Timekeeping was all about the planning , delivery and co-ordination of the days and did a fantastic job at that.

Kfir Pravda What an unexpected honour to be able to place a face and a voice to a man whose social media moves and marketing skills are indeed 2.0 . Kfir it was great talking about working hard or hard working attitudes and I hope we can do it again and soon.

Jack Daniel ( and on his Name tag it said ‘Yes Really’ ) all to short it was that we spoke but it was easy to spot another kindred OS user among the ranks and a greater pleasure to spend 10 minutes chatting and drinking with you and Critt at the Seaport.

Critt ( Critt ) Jarvis . It was Critt that inspired me to create the Social Network startup kit for Sara Nicole. His positive contributions ( very much in the style of Law of 2 Feet ) . Thank you Critt you were an inpsiration to be positive.

Jeff Cutler We barely got enough time to really sit and chat and share and I am so pleased your blog and its contents will continue to inspire me and drive me to get on with one of those someday maybe projects of mine. Thank you.

Phil Campbell What can I say about Phil Campbell that I have not expressed elsewhere and underwritten oath without duress. Phil Campbell the social media maven and operator11 presenter extrodinaire whose Video Blogs were the reason I grabbed a webcam and shouted my opinions as well . Phil I will always make time to bounce ideas with you sir.

Anna ( Enganging Brand ) Farmery, you watch whilst I avoid the usual cliched descriptions of to describe chatting with you. It is always a pleasure to bump into you and exchange things together. We really must make more time for it though in the future and I am sorry we didnt spend as much time as we could.

Rudy Jahchan The Man, the Legend, the Slasher and a daytime code monkey to boot Rudy it was fantastic to finally place a conversation between us having been a fan of so much of yours ( and Caseys ) work. Keep on driving and thinking Rudy and keep on with the “Do your job !” memes .

Casey Mckinnon Theres few people that will leave me speechless or even Agog ( and we all need more Gogs! ) Im not sure if it was the Kick Ass attitude or the amazing creative energies and clearly Geek genetics I simply had to refrain from pulling a waynes world ( were not worthy ) to the embarrassment of all ( well I was wearing a kilt ! ) .

Andy Lipson Pay no attention to the Man behind the curtain. Andy was the organisational and technical powerhouse to PulverTV . I didnt get enough time to spend with Andy since he was constantly tweaking, fiddling or hacking at the delivery of Jeffs portable TV studio. It was however a pleasure to meet Andy and share a drink and talk a little Podcamp experience. Oh and he is the first person on this list whom I wasnt able to link to twitter on.

Connie (connieblogger ) Crosby was another Podcamp member with whom I did not get to spend as much time then as I wish I had now . Her Blog and her views from a Law Librarian point of view require more investigation from my time and I will resolve to make that effort.

Steve Sherlock the Man , the Hat and another contributor and organiser of the Podcamp Boston experience . Like many organisers of such events his experience and opportunities of the event were moderated by his responsibilities. He did a great job and I thank him for it.

Sim Margolis was one of those pleasant suprise meetings in the Lobby. When you get the opportunity to stop and explain to creator that their work is something you admire and look forward to using. Sim promised that Utterz will make it across the pond soon. I for one cannot wait.

Scott (ribrunner ) M Beatty of TreediaLabs gave me some great insight into the work of Podcast.com and his work with Kosso. For some reason we got interuppted and I never had the chance to return to the conversation for which Scott I owe you at least one coffee.

Evan ( mimobot ) Blaustien Whose Mimobot stand attracted quite a large amount of converastions and interest. Evan I do hope you can forgive me for making you create the twitter account for Mimobot I see it already has you in its addictive clasps.

Scott Monty whose uncharacteristically accurate simpson voices and energising introductions made up the morning for the Podcampers. Thanks for swapping some twitter tips and ideas on the day.

David Eckoff Whose presentation on breathing, prioritising and delegating was refreshing and in many ways comforting.

Len Edgerly has been another long time twitter friend and I had not realised how much of a Second Life advocate he was as well. His presentation on Arts in a Web2.0 and Social media world was I hope recorded for it brought up many great questions and sites worth visiting.

Jim (fairminder ) Spencer We met rather briefly during the Social Media Breakfast at the Starbucks in the lobby of Westins. When you meet a fellow social media traveller who is making the some journey decisions as you then you find it yourself comparing notes and ideas.

Jonny Goldstien another Operator11 user whose Wednesday evening shows unfortunately play outside of my timezone. Jonny was another Host on PulversTV show and continues his Paaaaartays every week. Jonny I was happy to have helped in the education of things Scottish and lookforward to catching you on Operator11.

Graham English when I first saw Graham I thought .. Musician .. That was well before we got chatting during Chris Brogans and David Eckoffs session. Clearly Graham is a man in charge of his brand and his image. As the CEO of his life I would suggest his grasp of presentation and delivery is already refined. My only pity is that I am to music as a bandsaw is to a davinci. Do however read his blog and follow him on twitter since worthy creative contributions are few and far between and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to those that asked.

Sara (saranicole ) Streeter came to podcamp with an idea and plenty of questions. In many ways she is an example of applying the 5 rules of social networking. She Arrived at Podcamp , she Listened to the Sessions and individuals, she Asked questions and then Advised others and finally Provided further information and ideas to the group for the benefit of fulfilling her own visions. Because of Saras questions and Critt and Joes encouragement we put on an Unsession to talk about the Social Network startup pack. Thank you Sara.

Ben ( 5tacos ) Ortega was another twitter questioneer who joined in the Unsession on suggested Social Network startup recommendations. Ben thank you for joining in on the conversatoins and for contributing.

Mark Blevis was another one of this fleetingly brief conversations in the lobby that I wish had longer Mark it was however brief a pleasure to shake your hand ( actually I think you huggged me ! ) and shoot the Social Media breeze with you no matter how brief.

Cliff J Ravenscraft is one of those brave few who has gone it alone from full time employment to working for himself and his podcast business. I am sir in awe of you for not getting fired you made the bravest leap of all.

Chef Mark my one regret of Podcamp is not meeting Chefmark earlier. Anyone with the love of Food and drink and a commitment to sharing that love is going to be bookmarked on my feedreader everyday.

Jennifer (foodphilospohy) Iannolo introduced me to Chef Mark and shared with me their love of Food, Drink and great conversation another person I wish I had spent more time with though by then we were all heading into conference fatigue syndrome I feel.

Jane (jquig99 ) Quigley Also attended the Social Media Startup unSession and added a great deal more interesting and different names to my list. She was the first to jump in and help out with ideas and advice for those asking questions around her. Quintessentially a Social Network , Quintessentially Quigley.

Peggy Miles Peggy and I met briefly during PulverTV where in we discovered that our working relationship with Intervox had gone back over several years previously.
Justin Kownacki another twitter friend for which it the opportunity to meet , say hello and share some ideas was unfortunately far to short. Though given the list of people I keep remember that I met and spoke to I begin to be agog ! If you do one more thing after reading this then go read his blog and watch his show ( okay thats two more things !)

CC Chapman CC Chapman and I connected via twitter, linked in and facebook a few months back and this was the first time we had a chance to meet in the flesh and share a few badly times Monty Python jokes when Chris Brogan wasnt listening. Between his and Mitch s tips on socal media tools and techniques the session was a study in sharing and learning.

Mitch Joel who along with CC Chapman presented on tips and techniques for the Social Media web created an excellent list of ideas and places on the web which benefit every social media maven. I hope that my own advice on Google ( inurl ) makes it into his next talk as well.

Steve Garfield was another social media individual whose presence I had missed until Podcamp Boston and now whose own contributions have been added to my own readers and bookmarks. He presents in an earnest and direct fashion with a good eye for video opportunities. Steve I am sorry we couldnt talk longer .
Amanda Gravel I need to give special mention to this wonder PR maven since she currently holds some very incriminating Video of me dancing and laughing with more BU students. Amanda it was , and I mean it , a pleasure to meet you , no matter how briefly I will be keeping a close eye on your productions in the future.

Maria Thurrell another eager social media student and dancer thanks for cutting the rug with me and for making wild ideas and conversations with me.


Okay that is many of the names and people who I met at podcamp. I have used Twitter to bookmark all of their conversations since this gives you an opportunity to link to their websites and social media and content as they wish. It was for me an emotional and educational experience and I hope soon enough to be able to meet these and other social media rockstars in the near future.

Until then

Thanks for reading.

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5 Comments on “Podcamp Boston Post Show Debrief.

  1. Thanks for the mention! This was a great recap of people. I loved it. Most times people recap sessions from these conferences. Glad to see you highlight your meetings with a bunch of people and I also met a lot of them for the first time…

    Thanks fir the links…

  2. It was great catching up with the “loud mouth” again….and the kilt! You are right, we shouldn’t need to go to Boston to meet up…though enjoyed every moment and every beer…

  3. Great to see you their Nik. You have a great way about you and are so helpful. Can’t believe you live down the road but we have to go to Boston to talk!

  4. I’ve not been to an unconference (yet!), but really found your description of the experience honest and informative. Thanks for the recap and the list of all the great people you met and were involved with at PodCamp. Perhaps next year I’ll be able to make it there! 🙂

  5. I truly appreciate the wonderful debrief and kind personal comments. You made quite an impression and your afterglow is just as bright. It was great connecting with you. Cheers!