Podcamp Boston . T minus 5 and Counting.

Just for a change I thought I would visit an un-conference a little bit further than my own territory. In fact a conference a little bit further than my own Country. I am going to Boston , Podcamp Boston 2 to be precise.

Podcamp Boston 2

This will not be my first Podcamp but it is certainly a first for me in terms of invitations received to attend.

Having spent months chatting, Twittering, Facebooking and Blogging with so many people it will be an experience to be finally be able to meet in person people whom I have chatted with over the net for such a long time. Its going to be a busy time so I am opening a Google Calendar for everyone to see lets co-ordinate some time on here together so I dont miss you when I am at the event.

The Calendar is here

Ove the next few days I will be sending some emails and pokes and twitters to make sure I make the most of the event and I will be filling in the blanks showing which talks I will be attending. This is an social media event for me and I want to make the most of the social media providers to ensure its well managed for me.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Comments on “Podcamp Boston . T minus 5 and Counting.

  1. Nick,
    Glad you’re going to be in Boston. First time for you, as I recall? Don’t know what your interests are, but would love to have you at my talk on Sunday at 1 pm, “Is There a Cure For Social Network Fatigue Syndrome?”. I’m up against Jeff Pulver, but that was the roll of the dice.

    At any rate, I’m hoping we have a chance to talk at some point in the proceedings, and hoist a couple of pints, as well.

  2. Good meeting you at PodCamp!
    We’ll get you a UK call-in number for Utterz, I promise!

  3. Sir Kilty MacKiltKilt, it was a memorable experience seeing you at PodCamp and as a follow-up act to the Guitar-Playing Robot of Doom.

    Although we didn’t get to speak I enjoyed almost meeting you, as well as checking out your Twitterstream and this blog, as well!

    Be well!