Flatlist Celebrities.

Bear with me a paragraph or two and I might be in danger of reaching a point.

It appears to me that we have  for some time now been talking about how the “audience” is changing and that the nature of PR and Marketing is  evolving. The consumer is becoming ther producer and the creator of content and as a result there are not longer single corporate agencies in charge of the “message” and all that other wonderful Marketing speil.

So why is it then that we are still attaching labels like “A List” to the vicarious characters and ideas represented by the new contributors that are sustaining the economy of our attention ?

I propose we need a new term for a new celebrity and that  term is “Flatlist”

Flatlist celebrities are not created from or developed from a Marketing or PR agency. They are self made , self promoting identities which attract others viewers attention. They create content, ideas and a fanbase through their own content.

Since we are removing the “message” from the managers of media who previously would have controlled who was “IN” and what was apparently “HOT” I think its necessary to remove the metrics of determination by which those mediators have in the past facilitated the concepts  of celebrity and “In”. If we dont go calling each other A list this or B list that maybe we can alter the view a little bit more in favour of the crowds perspective.

Thanks for Reading.

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