Electron Promises.

Theres been a few things bugging me about Internet life lately. Actually there is a lot bugging me lately but thats not the reason for my writing this but it is the reason for the big gap in writing. But I digress ( and how unusual eh !)

Now here is a little excercise for you the reader. Goto your Wallet, purse, bill fold or whatever and extract some Paper currency and look at it. Take your time to examine it and consider it and feel it. Really look at your money in your hands and look at what work and time and effort has gone into creating what is at once a work of art and also a promise.

Your money like mine may have a phrase which goes something like “Promises to pay the bearer” its signed or  sealed by an appropriate member representing a banking community who provide and underwrite the value of that currency.

A large amount of work has gone into the production of that currency to provide mechanisms which reduce on fraud and counterfeiting and embezzlement.  Similarly the Currency has been “backed up” and “authorised” by a Bank to define its value.

Now if like me your online and your using the internet for a very large proportion of your day and life then you may also have a online banking or deposit account in which money is “stored”.  Why not go online and look at the site and the design and the little field which represents your “money”.  Can you see , is it obvious, is there anywhere on those little figures where some bank or group or goverment is making a “Promise to pay the bearer” ? Is there anything which shows a history of attempting to protect you from fraud , embezzlement and counterfeiting ?  I dont believe I have seen anything to this affect.

This is not a post about fraud its a post about promises, I wonder where I can locate the “promise to pay” on all my electronic currency for the future.

Your thoughts welcome and thanks for reading.

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