A Very British release event.

Somedays, just some days mind, I wish I was living closer to the centre of some things tech and geeky. Robert Scobles and Guy Kawasaki s posts about the Halo3 release party in Silicon Valley had me feeling just a little bit green.

The Internet is a great leveller , it can serve to remind you that the world is a 24 hour place where there is always something else cool and interesting occurring and its not in your time zone or continent. So now I bring you the “A Very British release of Halo3”.

Game who are the only video game store in Horsham   had arranged to have the store open at midnight Tuesday until 2am Wednesday morning. I had pre-ordered my Hal3 and along with my Faux Brother in Law Jason we headed on down to the Horsham Game store.  Now I dont have the fancy 5 camera, 300 attachments and 20 flash collections that many of my other blogging friends have. For me the simple camera phone function of my Sony Erricon P990i sufficed and your all going to put up with a quintessentially British photo blog.

As you can see from the queues in the street there was a large gathering of happy, excited and enthusiastic players.

Clearly Game wanted everyone to feel part of the event and the wonderful Game colourscheme did much to invigorate and stir the soul. Im not sure if it was there intention to match the covenant colour scheme but good job Game!

Lavish special effects and high quality images and brand placement really made you feel like you were taking part in something big and important.

And once you were into the store and queuing patiently for the opportunity to finish the fight  Game made sure they used every measured step along the route to ensure you and your money were easily parted.

As you can see the crowds were wild and enthusiatic to be getting their hands on Halo3 and heading back home as soon as they could.

Another important aspect of this event as demonstrated below is the avoidane of  eye contact or facial expressions and visual cues of interest especially when purchasing. Being British  we were making one thing clear, we wanted our Halo3 and we wanted to be back home as soon as possible.

There you have it.   I own a copy of  Halo3 and with it the TimeWraiths of opportunity and creativity are sucking the very productivity from my life as I patiently click the A button for “Just one more go!”.

Am I enjoying Halo3 ?  Hell yeah ! Its a return to form and to the expectations that Halo delivered. Gone are the frustratingly tight fighting spaces and endless reattempts at levels and location. Gone are the not quite distinct goals and the feeling of travelling on rails. Back is the fun , back is the excitement and most of all the feeling that :

I want to “Finish the Fight”

I will be back after Im done.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “A Very British release event.

  1. I’m not allowed halo 3 till I finish halo 2 🙁 the wife has decreed.

    goo post though provides a neat counterpoint to the coverage of the US launches. I may link you up from Gaming Moments. Give my stateside readers a picture of what life is like in the real world.

  2. LOL I guess this means we’ll hear very little from you for the next couple of weeks.. *shakes head in dismay* Men and games..