Hooray for our side !

Well it is done. Several months after being pointed to by Jono at the Linux World Expo for the task of ensuring there was a UKTeam Approval Application to be considered atthe Ubuntu Community Council we were finally accepted. Thisis yet another step in the on going journey that brings Ubuntu to the Desktop and the UKTeam Local Support Community to the general and as yet unaware masses. Further the Application by Alan and Myself to become full fledged Ubuntu Members was accepted. Whilst Alan due to his earnest and dogmatic approach to material production and community support was a no brainer for candidacy. Mine underwent a little more scrutiny and several questions were asked to back up my candidacy of which i was glad for Mr Simmons and Mr Pope for their support. My most sincere and genuine thanks must go to everyone of the UKTeam who showed up and added their voice to our applications , and to GazzaK for the banners, and to those who helped in progressing the UKTeam to its approval. The meeting was certainly interesting for the UKTeam since many of its members initially joined the meeting whilst camped out at their places of work. Since there were many items on the Agenda the discussion relating to the UKTeam candidacy and the Membership approvals did not come until a much later point by which time many desk bound members would have been heading home. So to those who stayed for as long as you could, thank you for your support. Now lets get on with the fun stuff!
Thanks for reading.

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