What me ! Worried ?

A while back I took some time to post my views on the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct. It is no shock to many that I am a keen advocate of Ubuntu and its technology. Well my commitment to that community has led me to be involved in the Ubuntu-UK Team and in taking part in an effort to ensure that the team become a Approved community group  whom are able to supplement the Global efforts of Ubuntu in getting Linux to the desktop. Now in doing this I have taken my commitment a little further and despite feeling like the smallest technical fish in the pond I have submitted my application for membership. The Community Council for Ubuntu is meeting tomorrow to discuss various aspects from the UKTeam approval application to various UKTeam members applications. For my own vote Id have to say Popey for … no , careful now ! I was just going to say Popey for membership would in my mind be,  a given. As for myself well all I can ask is for your  vote.

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