“Nothing important happened today”

Its been a while since I have written about my Ubuntu experiences. The main problem for me is that everything I need my desktop to do it is doing it. Now i am sure there will be many who will point to the various issues they feel are as yet unaddressed but for me as an everyday user it works well enough. I can access all the usual email ( Thunderbird ) and web pages ( Firefox ) that I require including personal and business banking websites. I can sit and write letters, create spreadsheets ( something I dont have a need to do that often ) and I have compiled a few presentations all with the aid of OpenOffice. My Calendar and Phone Contacts with the help of Scheduleworld are now synchronised with thunderbird so im keeping my phone updated. My photos from camera and mobile phone are handled well by F-spot , Gallery and Flickr and both my printers a Samsung and a HP laserjet have been working flawlessly. I have grabbed and installed Skype and configured up Gaim to handle the online chatting along with XChat for its IRC connectivity. There just isnt anything more I really need  in order to get things done. Though speaking of Getting Things Done my personal GTDTiddlyWiki has been a boon for tracking tasks and to do lists between myself and my clients. Finally Democracy Player, Songbird and Banshee are handling tunes and TV shows for me.

So either I am not working hard enough ( its possible ) or I am not some super uber phantom geek pushing the limits of my little server/desktop to breaking point. Everything has been working and working well. So “nothing important has happened today” or indeed anyday for the last few months of using my Ubuntu installation. Ironic then that the quote which sprung to mind to define this entry was the same one written by George III on the Day the Declaration of Independence was signed, so read into that what you will.

Thanks for reading.

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