Being a little Wiki’d

As some might know I am a big fan of being lazy. I dont mean lazy in a “dont get things done” sort of way but lazy in a “make it easier not to have to redo things” sort of way. In order to maintain this level of not working hard whilst working hard Ive been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. Since I have mentioned this here and on the #Ubuntu-UK channel I see that Dean has also returned to the method and his recent Blog Post led a visitor , Dave, to comment about GTDTiddlyWiki.

GTDTiddlyWiki is a Wiki in a single HTML file that works as a advanced Notepad and Task list manager. Where GTDTiddlyWiki helps is that it enables my clients to have a central TODO list in which they can generate support tickets and questions for me to answer at a later date. This is an excellent way track that information and to create documentation at the same time, and since it does not require anything more than a webbrowser to operate within it becomes portable and easily distributed. I can take those Wikis along with my own and add a level of planning to my week through Scheduleworld. So Dean and Dave thanks for the Blog post and comments.

Thanks for reading.

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