Dream a little dream of me

So Mr Pope pointed out that whilst it was all well and wonderful that I had a Blog running it might be a little more useful if I had actually run a domain whose name matched my nickname online such as , www.loudmouthman.com. Hes not wrong in this comment and it left me sitting and thinking. I knew I wanted to do more with both my own BLOG and the websites which belonged to my clients. I didnt want a one size fits all approach though since I am not happy about putting my eggs in one basket. Id already considered BlackCatNetworks who do a great job for my domain name registration and is run by some of the smartest guys on the planet as far as im concerned. Id looked into Grifferz offering but in chatting to him I was aware that some of my requirements might just overload his setup. What I kept coming back to was Dreamhost ( www.dreamhost.com ) who I had discovered previously and had recently helped out the HAk5 guys in their own hour of need. So I have moved, well copied for now, my blog from nikbutler.wordpress.com to www.loudmouthman.com and whilst this is all still a work in progress , e.g the WordPress release 2.0.5 doesnt seem to have a tenth of the features and functions available directly on WordPress.com, its a step in the right direction I feel . Moving to my own domain and running my own wordpress blog will let me have the freedom to run up my affiliations with Ebuyer.com and Dell.com without irresponsibly running up against the terms and conditions of wordpress.com. Running my own hosting arrangement will allow me to get on with several of my playground ideas whilst not harrassaing other people I know and respect. So I guess this is the first of a few postings from me to point people to www.loudmouthman.com and ask you to update your Blog rolls and Bookmarks. Meanwhile I need to go cap in hand to Xailor and other Planet admins to inform them of the change in address and return to my own machinations in the realms of Dreamhosts. For those of you interested I purchased the Code Monster deal for one year and used the purchase coupon from HAk5 to get additional money off this year. Am I happy with the product ? Hell Yeah. My next concern is where to create a similar Hosting arrangement with which to backup and create a fall back environment.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “Dream a little dream of me

  1. Now you just have to import the comments from the old one as well, and you’re all done 🙂