PaperCD Case: Burn the CD just not the wrapper!

So BNI Friday rolls around once more and Im sitting preparing the agenda which consists of the 20 step process to guide the morning meeting through arrival and networking the chatting to others type not Ethernet type then onto breakfast and the meeting proceeds. Each meeting consists of a set procedure whose purpose is to ensure clarity of the meeting and to enable every appropriate mechanism for the meeting to be met. What I never get a chance to talk about in these blogs is the educational and reference slots , so maybe I’ll make a few notes this time and comment back about what goes on in the meetings. Anyway in the meanwhile heres the little gem I will be talking about in my 60 second slot.

Every now and then there comes a need for me to present to a client or associate CD or DVD. I am fine with burning the CD and the Lite-scribe technology is great for labeling the disk itself Where Paper CD Case comes in handy is that it allows me to make a stylish paper wrapper for the recently created disk. On the website you enter the details you expect to appear on the CD Case and in return it provides you with a PDF document which you can print. You print the PDF document and then apply a few origami like folds , which with practice become second nature and there you have a useful CD wallet. Paper CD case is good example of how the web is creating more online applications which any operating system will benefit from.



Whilst there are many ways to be an advocate for Open Source software and for the community behind and this particular application is not open source in any sense of the word it does demonstrate that there are options I wiavailable to all Operating systems. Being part of the BNI gives me the chance to show that using Linux, specifically Ubuntu , does not require is a ravening tunneled vision approach to the rest of the computing world. Im pleased to say that tomorrow I am handing over another recently converted Laptop for a BNI Chapter member and I am providing a quote for a refurbished PC for another. If your reading this and your in the Open Source community then find out about your local BNI chapter and get down there and see what you can offer its members.


Thanks for reading.



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