Take my breath away

So recently I have had a bit of a down time on the Blog and Geek front due to the wonders of colds and sniffles and whilst for many the experience of a cold is a discomfort and a headache for me it consistently turns towards a period of Asthmatic aggravation. I have been an asthmatic since as long as I can remember breathing and as I head towards my middle 30s it is safe to assume I wont be growing out of it. Its one of the many “hidden” illnesses which generates in people a variety of responses or attitudes which usually only occur in those less predisposed to getting ill. From the smokers who tretch and twist their arms as far from my vicinity as possible as they crane their necks for a quick drag to the well meaning homeopathic remedy recommendations I get them all during this time. Every time I take a drag of my Ventolin or a hit on my symbicort you can almost see the eyes dragging to my car to search out the orange sticker. I go from being just another geek to a “concern”. Dont get me wrong though I do appreciate the care and consideration of others but its interesting how like any other illness or disability which is hidden how people change in their response and actions towards you.
I wont however educate you about Asthmha im sure between Google and Wikipedia theres enough data flying around but I was interested to read up about the effects of my latest drug of choice: Symbicort. With this new medication I can take a puff a day and outside of colds and flus thats all i need for 24hrs . I dont feel the need to hit the ventolin or get the usual shortness of breath or struggle to breath . I did notice however that about an hour or so after I take it I get headaches, palpitations and generally I feel really , really , really on edge and since my asthma is usually triggered by my own stress levels you can see how the treatment has an adverse reaction for me. So yes im going to check back in with my GP and discuss other options but I just wanted to write about it in the hope that for other asthmatics will take some time to consider how their medication might be affecting them.

Meanwhile I consider it quite an ironic thing that in order to keep breathing I have to pay for my prescription. I guess in some small measure the government has found a way to tax the air some of us breath.

Thanks for reading.

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