Definetely Dazed, Evidently Excited.

Day two of the Linux World Expo in London and fortunately Alan Helmore-Simpson and The Peoples Republic Of Popey ( by way of Volvo ) opened the show. Enabling me to have a morning in which to see my No 1 daughter, as i had not seen her all week. Many, Many Pictures were taken and there is a small list of things to chase up and complete following the event. The Ubuntu UK Team certainly acquitted themselves well for sheer exuberance, audacity and moxie ( although I think the last two are also open source projects ?) . So whats to follow up ?

* Minutes from the Ubuntu UK Team meeting will need to be converted from my scribble to wikibble.
* A Story, with Pictures for the Fridge detailing the event and including pictures from the event.
* An Account of the Costs of Polo Shirts, the sales and how the money is to be reinvested.
* Further orders for Polo shirts that have been requested to be completed
* Report on the amount of CDs we moved and see if we can locate new members who joined in the UK since the show
* Set a date to begin planning for Guadec
* Have more fun.

Thats all I can say for now and as I complete the above I’ll post updates here and keep you all informed.

Now its time to drink a beer and watch some West Wing.
Thanks for reading

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