Dazy Day one.

The phrase rushed off your feet could not go close to describing how packed, busy and popular the Ubuntu-UK stand has proven to be. The fantastic and energetic response by this fledgling Ubuntu UK Team has created a spot on the .ORG village that was never more than blocking the aisles and causing a stir. Ubuntu is in for Linux World this year and its hard to ignore its presence at the show. Im stunned, tired and amazed at what was done today. So a big thanks to everyone who took part and I’ll see everyone else tomorrow.

Heres the stand with accompanying technology demos on place.
Stand Complete

And heres Mr Bacon in action !

Jono in Flow

Finally we managed to encourage a few , well known Ubuntu Faces to make a Logo which might become familiar to us ove the next few months.

Is this at all Familiar ?

And sorry for the FUZZ.. i need a better camera and Im sure Popey for Tony have a better picture out there!

Thanks for reading .. im off to bed.

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