Ok, so what now ?

Wow, thats all I can say. Well that and this post and then thats all I will say. It has been 4 days since Linux World Expo London 2006 wrapped up. The show marked the first meeting of the Ubuntu UKTeam. Im still trying to decide if the enthusiasm for Ubuntu is the result of the ethos or the technology. Jono has already provided an initial report into the event from his point of view of as a Canonical Guy and Ubuntu Community manager. There have been a few galleries posted already and Ive posted the notes from the first meeting . Meanwhile on the mailing list we continue  to discuss how we will be progressing. Clearly its important to maintain the inertia that was in evidence and I know I have already considered several landmarks in the public awareness such as Children In need, New Year, the next Ubuntu release, Lugradio Live and then Linux World Expo again. So let me wrap up with a brief summary of what else we moved during the show.

Of the CDS we brought to the show w handed out;

490 Ubuntu
350 Kubuntu
190 Edubuntu
33 MacUbuntu
20 64bit Ubuntu

Of the Polo shirts we sold all but one which covers the costs a bit and means we can order some more. We actually have preorders for more Shirts and Caps, Lanyards and Window stickers.

Im going to sign off now, I have a book to read and blog about and I  will be posting about that outside of the Ubuntu discussions, but I can already see from the lists that some of the actions discussed are coming to pass and are starting to make progress. I will be commenting this week though on my efforts to get the Ubuntu UKTeam Approved and how that proceeds.

Thanks for reading.


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