Windows Phone 7 – Listen UP.

Blowing the dust of this blog for a quick post about the Windows Phone 7 demo unit I was sent this week.

For me Smartphones should act like an extension of my own brain, some sort of borgification of my  thought process and needs. The iPhone started this for me when it made it clear that my laptop might just become as redundant as my desktop now feels to me. it never really bonded with me though and I wonder if it was a genetic disposition towards appitisis nervosa or the constant switching in and out required to get things done.

Windows Phone 7 ( is that what I should call it ? ) feels different though. In exactly the same way that existenz felt different to Jude Laws character. Theres a wet umbilical feel to the connection between my use of the phone and my ideas. The metaphor is a little weak though since Windows Phone 7 cut the cord long ago and managed to live its own life seperate of a support mechanism required by constant , cabling up to synchronise, connectivity.

It has a true first born feel to its interface something wonderful is happening to my phone and I dont want to stop watching it as it moves and slides and tells me what is new and what works. It cares about the internet and in a way that seems so unlike microsoft it wants to work with everything I connect it with. Of course apple iTune music keeps scurrying off into the corner and wants to play with its own toys which leaves me in the living room sitting on the couch updating my Zune Pass and building a christmas playlist for my phone, my desktop and my xbox. Everything wants to play and share and take part and right about now my iPhone is looking like the spoilt rich kid who doesnt want to open his presents in front of anyone else.

The Foster period is over on this little device and I am left wondering if I had the choice would I keep it ?  YES.

That christmas track list , well okay since you didnt ask.

  • Carol of the Bells ( non-album track ) -  William Jospeh – Carol of the Bells
  • Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade -  Merry Xmas Everybody
  • Santa Claus is comin’ to town – Frank Sinatra – Christmas Songs by Sinatra
  • I Wish it could be christmas everyday – Wizzard – I Wish it could be christmas everyday
  • Rocking around the christmas tree – Chicory Tip – Son of my father
  • Merry Christmas everybody – Shakin Stevens – Merry Christmas everybody
  • Santa Baby – The Puppini Sisters – Christmas with the Puppini Sisters
  • I saw mommy Santa Claus  – The Beverly Sisters – Christmas all time greats
  • Wonderland – The Mummers – Tale to Tell
  • In These Shoes – Kirst MacColl – The Best of Kirsty MacColl
  • Christmas Time ( dont let the bells end ) – The Darkness – The Platinum Collection
  • Have yourself a merry little christmas – Frank Sinatra – Christmas Songs by Sinatra
  • Wonderful Christmas Time – The Beat Snappers – A Rock & Pop Christmas
  • Stop the Cavalry – Jona Lewi – The best of Jona Lewie
  • Fairy Tale of New york – The Pogues – Very best of the Pogues
  • Little Drummer Boy ( Grinch minx ) – Jars of clay – Drummer boy
  • Mad world – Gary Jules with Micheal Andrews – trading snake oil for wolftickets
  • The sounds of silence – Simon & gGrfunkel – the essential Simon and Garfunkel.

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