Loudmouthman is Moving .

To accommodate my preference for flavors.loudmouthman.com I have decided to move the address of this blog and website. it will move from www.loudmouthman.com to http://loudmouthman.com the and flavors.loudmouthman.com will take over the role of my front page.

Why am I doing this ?

With sites like  Flavors.me , Squarespace and Posterous the need to actually own a front page for your web presence is reduced. Using so many social sites whose presence moves and grows with you means that a single site even with a layer of plugins is no really sufficient.  I can move my Blog to a more blog orientated theme and use Flavors.me to create a front page to bring people in.

What does it mean to you ?

If you have linked directly to an article its going to break if you have www.loudmouthman.com/articlename since flavors.me isnt actually hosted on my machine. I am guessing in the future it is a service Flavors.me can add to help in migrations.

I shall talk more about flavors.me later this month.

Thanks for reading.

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