Who watches the Watchmen.

We all have books that we love to read again , again and again. The type of book whose spine has become so worn that the pages are held only by love and luck. The pages of these books bear the history of those moments when we sneezed, coughed, laughed or spilt a little bit of life upon them as we read then over and over again. This is the blog post of  one such book.

Watchmen , Alan Moore Dave Gibbons

WATCHMEN,by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is the story  of the humanity behind the caped vigilantes and science mutated marvels. Someone is killing off those retired heroes and as the story unfolds you realise the attention to detail in the characters and in the artwork  will keep drawing you into it. I

t reads more like a documentary as if  an investigative  journalist compiled the stories and origins of the individuals concerned.  This Graphic Novel ( an adult term created to accept that fact that its a comic ) apparently set the tone and rejuvenated the industry leading the way for many more Graphic novels to be published.

Its recently has made the jump from paper to digital and the trailers are doing their rounds already. Am I excited ? Hell Yeah ! Like Iron Man before it this is a comic book adaptation that has a strong source material and gravitas which will carry into the medium of film.

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1 Comments on “Who watches the Watchmen.

  1. This movie could either change the public perception of ‘comic book’ movies, just as the graphic novel did for comic books in the eighties , or it could turn out to be a steaming pile of hollywoodised genetically modified lynx droppings. We’ll have to wait and see.

    The trailer looks promising but then they always do.