Things to do on a Weekend #6


Some toys are timeless, others are ageless and some you discover only when walking barefooted across the living room.  LEGO is I feel one that falls into all three categories. You can then imagine what sort of damage a trip to venue like Legoland will have on the wallet of every self respecting Geek.


Legoland, Windsor hits the buttons for small children, and big kids, alike. The theme park rides and the variety of shows and shops and restaurants keep you moving around the park and not realising that time is passing whilst your queuing, riding, building or experimenting with the Lego on hand. and yes spending money as you go.


The only thing missing from the whole experience is a lego map of the whole of the lego park as you enter. Surely in a themepark powered by creativity and imagination there is a space for something as meta as that.

If you have not yet visited a Legoland park then I present for your amusement the various QIk’s of the day from the rides and shows.

Thanks for reading.

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