Right said Phreadz

“Never underestimate the power of an individual armed with development tools and an internet platform from which to communicate.” (lmm).


More than a “Video Conversation”, Phreadz allows its users to “thread” content, images, sounds and video as part of an conversation. It provides many of the “wouldnt it be useful if ?” features currently lacking in many other “alpha stage” video conversations. It moves beyond the simple importing of content into the site as it enables its users to distribute from within to other web platforms such as twitter ( well doesnt everyone ? ) , flickr, blip.tv and wordpress.

Phredz, an introduction.

Its developer “Kosso“, having seen and experienced so much of what was wrong, and occasionally right, about mutlimedia delivery via the Internet, sat down and delivered on those criticisms. With his intuitive understanding of RSS it employs “simple syndication” from the get-go. The (not nearly) end result is currently one of the more sought after invites on the net. It is still in closed alpha stage so keep a look out for the inevitable flurry of beta invites and codes which will no doubt hit the net in the very near future.

Its moments like this when that I get nostalgic for the old British  computer heritage where in  developers were able to create tools and applications for public consumption all from one room in their house.

Thanks for (ph)reading.

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1 Comments on “Right said Phreadz

  1. We got a bit of a demo about Phreadz yesterday at the Denver Media Makers monthly meeting. Mat Luschek who is a beta tester is very impressed with the product, much more so than Seesmic. Mat related that he likes Phreadz more than Seesmic as he had lots of problems and issues with Seesmic. Mat said there are about 50 or so beta testers currently on Phreadz.