As Frankie Howard might say “Twitter ye not !”

How tired must the investors  in Twitter be by now when a site created as an ironic statement on the stability of twitter  has had to update itself just to stay current ?

IsTwitterDown would provide a very imformative either  Yes  or No.

Clearly the developers felt it needed a new high performance upgrade to cope Twitters new lack of status.So now I give you your third and possibly most reliable choice.

Is Twitter down ?

And yes I grabbed the screenshot, uploaded into Flickr and entered this post all from the Asus EEE PC 900 which has been on the  its battery for the last couple of hours. Id twitter about how happy I am with my EEE PC but hey “Of Course”

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1 Comments on “As Frankie Howard might say “Twitter ye not !”

  1. Twitter is a fantastic idea but the implementation is just appalling. We need someone to develop an alternative application that delivers the same functionality. Perhaps the Seesmic developers could step in?