Getting fit with UFC Trainer.

ufc_trainerLast year I began a routine to get fit using Your Shape Fitness Evolved  and within a few months I had seen the benefits of the daily routines. Soon I realised I needed a new series of routines to take my morning exercise up a notch as my belt was going down a notch. UFC Trainer ( UFC Personal Trainer – Kinect Required (Xbox 360) )  came out in the summer of 2011 and I added it to my routine in September. 

UFC Trainer for the Xbox box 360 requires at least an hour per session to make the most from the routines. Where Your Shape Fitness Evolved was an extremely cardio and aerobic workout  UFC Trainer was far more resistance and strength based with longer routines leading to a greater level of  energy required to complete them.

Personally I do not feel I would have been as motivated or able to complete them had I not started with a few months of Fitness Evolved; because UFC Trainer tough , it brings in Pushups, Free Weights , Boxing , Kicks and a series of fitness levels across  Weight , Strength or Endurance routines which scale up quickly through the routines. After a few months of UFC Trainer my physical tone and shape was changing as muscle  built and fat continued to disappear.  Workouts typically required 30 to 90 minutes to get the best from them and the additional quick routines along with set trainer routines added to the variety of achievement to be gained from the game. 

Tracking for the majority of exercises is fair and like any other Kinect title it helps if you have plenty of space and room to ensure your pushups, situps , kicks and punches are being registered.Special mention should go to the Pushup register which was flaky at best and between that and the twisting lunge is much frustration in being told you are failing an exercise whilst you know you are completing it.

If you are speculating over the purchase of this Game for the purpose of improving on an already existing regular fitness routine then do not hesitate. The additional instruction and advice videos unlocked as you progress are invaluable in their own right. 


Currently I am taking a break from usingUFC Trainer  as the Hard Level Endurance that I have planned will require 60+ minutes over 60 days and it may be easier to wait until Summer holidays roll around to avoid having to rush my mornings.

All the above being said I note that Nike is about to release a Nike + Kinect range and it is very likely that this will be my new September routine.


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2 Comments on “Getting fit with UFC Trainer.

  1. That’s great to read that you are doing so well but I do note that you say you need plenty of room for the movements to be registered correctly. This is the exact problem that I faced with fitness evolved. I started off well with great enthusiasm but soon got fed up when time after time my efforts were not being registered. It probably doesnt help that I have 2 sofas in the front room with the Xbox but it is the biggest space I have. There is still plenty of area to play normal games but some reason fitness evolved it wasn’t enough. I’m hoping that when we eventually sell I’ll be able to get a room with more space.

    I like what I’ve read about Nike+ and they implement it correctly they could be onto a real winner especially if it links in with the new Nike Fuel band. They already have a massive on line community of runners. It will be very interesting to see how that takes off and develops.

    It’s great to see you take these games an push them and the results you are seeing are great. Hopefully soon I can follow your lead again!

  2. More thoughts. Maybe its where my kinect is sitting? It sits below the TV and roughly 2′ above the floor. Does that have a bearing on how the sensor sees and registers movement? I think I’ll get the bracket for attaching to the top of the TV and see if that makes a difference. No harm, no foul.