Hey Vaisey, use your Ed!

Lets leave aside the issues of Sony Play Station Network failures  which are more of a Stationary Network which has taken the Pee and look to  the recent comment from Ed Vaisey which has to be one of the best attempts at chutzpah I have seen this side of the Govt taking over.

On the one hand Ed Vaisey insists that companies should be doing all they can to protect the identities and information of the users of their networks,  as you can read more in this Games Politics article. 


Which beggars belief when you consider that on the other hand and  in the same capacity Ed is responsible for overseeing an Act of parliament whose very purpose is to disclose personal information of network users on vague requests and accusations made by media companies , more on that from the Telegraph article on that topic.




So which is it to be Ed ? Privacy or Piracy ?

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