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Since HP aquired Palm there was no doubt some speculation as to the ongoing support and progress for Palms Mobile Development Kit; WebOS. HP have been working hard to encourage developers and consumers that the Palm device and the WebOS toolkit are thriving.

Whilst many of the presentations at a recent ‘Launch event’ fell into the category of tired and ‘been done before’ there was at least one presentation made me sit up  and tweet. [ note thanks to the wonders of Autocorrect poole should have read as people ]


Ben Tattersly ( aka @UbershinySheep ) is a Student , and a Teacher, who explained how he was using WebOS as a platform to teach Children programming. Thats right; kids do find learning to program not boring. Moreover certain kids want to  develop in a language that is not some bastardised TOMY My First scribble language but a real tool used by professional developers. Further  they were creating content and they could create that content with a real world value.


Ben Tattersley

There appears to be an  misguided belief that you cant teach children about programming. That you might as well teach them to code the Word Document Format because teaching programming would be ‘boring’. It is a pretty screwed up view of the world if you ask me. I was 12 years old and learning about machine code I was teaching myself and I was interested in programming. Why should a 12year old today be any less interested in learning about programming , coding or development of applications ?

Meanwhile I am sure more money will be poured into School funding for sports and football.

I dont have the answers but If I had one wish it would be to see HP do a 2 week course at hundreds of schools taking people like Ben into those classrooms and finding our future. Because I know this much; tomorrows future Footballing star are rarely  responsible for creating jobs and innovating in business.



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