Day 30 : Dell Vostro v130 – End of Line.

How apt that I am posting this final entry whilst on the Gatwick Express heading out of London. The Vostro has travelled a hundred miles but at the end of the day the Battery life is not up to the job. This is a terrible shame because the Laptop in every other regard is a playful and creative object that wants you to keep it open and paying attention to it. Meanwhile my Mac Air has been with me all day and even though it is after 11pm there is still the best part of two hours battery life to go.

In many ways it fits the role of a damned useful windows box and is far more suitable for the presentationally challenged or portable coder who will not mind that they need to keep their power supply nearby.


My advice for verson 2 of this laptop is make the battery replaceable or make the charging universal.

Thanks for reading.



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