Day 6: Dell Vostro v130–Trends

Sundays are the down days, the admin days, the catch up and file away days. For me this was a day to catch up with some house keeping of my own namely bring my music collection over and to install some virus checking software.

Personally I prefer to not run AntiVirus software , preferring instead to avoid bad sites, diff files and bad invites. However since Dell ships with Trend Security and I wanted to experiment with the world of Windows Users I ignored the invites from trend and looked for Microsoft Security Essentials. A word of advice here , make sure you know where your going when you search for this package on Google. The first hit at the top ( highlighted ) is not a legitimate Microsoft site.


My usual preference for Anti Virus , in an enterprise setting  , was AVG and is now bordering between AVAST and Comodo Internet Security However this Trade-Secrets laptop lets me out to play so why not give it a whirl.

Meanwhile the 15Gb of music files from my iTunes/Ripped CD collection is installed and I am avoiding the usual routine of installing iTunes  having instead opted for Zune. In terms of user interface and making user interactions enjoyable Zune wins hands down what I have yet to resolve is how to unlock some of my iTunes DRM’d music so that it too will play on my Zune ( and more on that when I decide how I will approach it ) A Large percentage of the music is from my CDs or Amazon downloads and recently iTunes has resolved not to burden me with DRM for music I would like to hear no matter where I am.


Thanks for reading.

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