Diary of a Coffee addict #4: Guatemala High Grown Aribica

Opening the packet on these Fairtrade Guatemalan Aribica coffee beans and your hit with an earthy almost chocolate smoked smell that sets the mind racing. Its a homely coffee which fills the nostril with a comfy cafe smell and feels like its massaging your shoulders and neck as you grasp the mug savour its taste over breakfast. My twitter comment described it thus.

Have decided that the Guatemala High Grown Aribica from @XpressCoffee is a keeper. Its like Cuddling a big breasted women on the dance floor

The blend was prepared in  a cafetiere and heres where I break into potential snob mode and suggest that the coffee should be made with a kettle that has sat off the boil for a few minutes rather than the scolding strength of a just clicked kettle. The water is slightly cooler and the scents from the oils in the coffee seem to sit on the surface of the cup and run up your tongue in a delightful way. Many of the coffees sampled so far have been Breakfasts or After Dinner affairs but this blend is the one your serving to your friends during the day its just that friendly.

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