Marmite Makes It Mine

Marmite is the Social Networking of the food world. You either love it or Hate it. You can find a use for it or you wonder why anyone is bothering with it. Marmite is the metaphor for the social commentary on the uses of Social Networks today. When I talk about marmite im not just talking about the complimentary condimentary adjustment to an otherwise so so meal. Im talking about how I take something for anyone and add my signature, Marmite makes it mine.

As a product in marketing it plays upon its own acceptance in the shopping basket of today. With adverts focussing on the “Love It / Hate It duality” of a product. I cant think of many brands that are happy to advertise the idea “You Hate This Product and we dont care”

Its the Twitter of food additives. Its not going away any time soon and its going to be around for a quite a while. Heres how Im using it today.

  • Smear Marmite on the skin of chicken drumsticks before cooking.
  • Stir Marmite into mashed potato
  • Add equal measures of Marmite and grey poupon mustard before serving with sausages
  • Place a small blob or Marmite into the centre of a Croque Madame
  • Stir Marmite into Hot Chili Sauce to serve with Pizza.
  • Place a small tub of Marmite as a dip for Pizza.

One thing I know about Marmite, no matter how I serve it the Marmite makes it mine.

Thanks for reading.

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