Diary of a Coffee Addict : Xpress Coffee

Those who read my twitter stream will know that coffee and I have a fairly complex and intimate relationship with the mornings. Often my descriptions of that beloved beverage will lead some people to wonder if the coffee and I  dont need a room and some alone time. It comes as a delight then that a suggestive tweet of opportunity should lead to my addiction being encouraged by one of twitters many online brand presences Xpress Coffee.

What came in the post on Friday morning was a box of delights which shall keep my twitterings of caffeinated contentment continuing for many months to come. Lets begin with the content before I discuss the experience.
In the Box I found a Bodum C-Mill Black Grinder and the following bags of coffee beans waiting to be ground. 500g Blue Mountain , 500Gg Bourbon Dark , 500g Italia Espresso , 250g Fairtrade Organic, 500g Rainforest Alliance 100% aribica, 500g Supa Crema and 500g Fairtrade Guatemalan Antigua. A huge box deserves a huge thank you to Xpress Coffee for their generosity.

Xpress Coffee Blue Mountain Beans , as twittered by me

Blue mountain coffee sitting in my mug already I feel like im sitting with a girl whose more used to cocktail parties and catwalks.

Leaving this coffee to steep fills the kitchen with a deep “coffee shop” smell of bitter oils and warm scents that leave me wishing I had invested in some pastries and a large newspaper to read. Though Im settling back with Macbook pro and this blog. Its not a working coffee it feels like the drink you serve when freiend come round to shoot the breeze and talk technology of an afternoon ( hey I have friends that might do that ! )

More on my coffee considerations next week and if you want to join me on this coffee conversation then please visit Xpress Coffee and order Bourbon Dark which will be my choice for next week.

Now I am off to order some airtight containers to put the rest of these beans into before freezing them.

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