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<p></p>Have you ever picked up a gadget or tool and it stayed in a drawer for months on end then one day you take it out to have another play with and suddenly you realise precisely why it was going to be so important to you ?

Evernote is that tool. Despite opening my account several months back I never actually got into using it with any form of anger. Until I saw this interview by Robert Scoble with Evernote CEO Phil Libin.

A Really Useful way to take notes

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That one video changed my view on using Evernote and I sat back and realised how Evernote was going to fix my organisational habits.  Lets talk about a couple of  things which get in the way of organising and grabbing data and how Evernote has resolved this for me.


Evernote not only exists as a Web application but has a number of separate client applications that can be installed for windows, mac, iPhone and windows mobile.

From my desktop I can clip and copy text and webpages , bookmarks, PDFs, Images, Scanned images.

Using the iPhone I have snapped images with the camera and had them uploaded into my Evernote account.

Using Spinvox memo I had dictated notes to myself and had them emailed my Evernote account.

Evernote has built a number of roads to ensure that you can ship your data into your Evernote account when you think about it. In return I can locate all the information stored in my Evernote account through a web page or the Evernote client application on the Iphone.


Lets face it we make promises to ourselves that we are going to have a consistent way to archive and index all our information. We make complex commitments to indexing and title arrangements and usually about 9 months later we have forgotten all our good intentions and its just a pile in the folder again.

Evernote however does not require you to immediately tag, title and index your data. Its will do much of the work for you by indexing every recognisable word it finds. Later , if you wish , you can bulk tag your notes and your information and you can create notebooks into which you can drag your notes to create a semblance of order.

Searching for information is Google like in its simplicity and those searches can be saved for later.

Evernote has done for me what I envisioned computers doing, its doing the admin and the indexing work and I am just passing it the information. If you have an Evernote account and you have not  started to feed it then I can completely understand why you might be wondering what is it for, so here is  how I am using it .

  • Software licenses : I mm scanning in the cards, as well as copying the emails into Evernote. As a second location for storing these collection of numbers its — genius — and of course I am now going through my email archives to put the rest elsewhere. Its already come to my rescue in locating the Joiku hotspot licenses.
  • Business Cards: I hold the card up to the camera and Evernote grabs a shot of the card.  Likewise I can snap a picture of the card to be uploaded to Evernote. As a more work intensive process I lay out all the cards on a flatbed scanner and scan at 200DPI Greyscale as tiff. Then I slice the Image file up and orient the cards and save them with meaningful names. Then drop them into Evernote.
  • Magazine/Newspaper article comments are photographed and dropped into Evernote.
  • Twitter tweets  and content from some websites are snipped into Evernote.
  • Spinvox memos from my mobile phone notes are dictated through Spinvox and they email me the results in this case they email them into the Evernote Email inbox.
  • Bookmarks and Webpages snipped direct to Evernote.

There are  a couple of things I would like to see from Evernote though.

API I would love to see an API into my own data allowing me to grab the indexes, the data the information but to also build my own applications around the evernote data.

SHARING It would be awesome to be able to share a notebook with another Evernote user allowing a more collaborative collation and collection of notes. Currently sharing is limited to publically publishing your notes via a URL.

So thats my love for Evernote, how about you ?

Thanks for reading.

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5 Comments on “For Evernote.

  1. I saw this in my feed this morning and had to comment. Just started using Evernote a few weeks ago – the iPhone app spurred my decision – and I really love it. So useful – iPhone to desktop to Web syncing and I was (am) hooked!

    Would love to see the sames things from Evernote you would – or some real integration with a social network.

    Great Post!

  2. I absolutely agree with you Nick. I stumbled upon Evernote due to a reference by Chris Brogan. I perused it, and was incredibly intrigued by it. Once I started playing with it I was in awe of how easy it was for me to use! I now can keep all my notes organized, that include pictures, business cards, ideas, web pages, bookmarks all in one place. One of the things that I love best about it is that it syncs up, so I can clip and take screen shots either at work or at home, I can have crazy ideas pop into my head out in the wild 🙂 or find a present for a loved one, take a pic and voila, I will remember it always.

    This is the only application that I have truly been able to say I use daily, and seamlessly.

    I’m looking forward to the day when I can finally focus on one of my individual projects and be able to use all my notes from Evernote to make it a reality. Thanks for the post!

  3. Looks interesting, but as I own neither an iPhone or a Windows mobile enabled phone, I’d like to be able to send a photo from my phone via MMS to Evernote, that would make it far more useful to me.

    That being said I predict that technologies like this are going to become more and more prevalent as we shift our storage of memories from the wetware in our heads to the hardware/software in our pockets/under our desks.

    The interface used by the main character in Charles Stross’s Accelerando is the eventual outcome of this.

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