Its your 5 a Day on Blogday

Blogday! again ?

It rolls around so quickly doesnt it ?

Here are my recommended  go reads , must reads and do reads from my reader in no order of preference.

Gias Blog
Her smart, concise and wide ranging content reflects her own  interests and passion in science, entertainment and geekery.There is little I dont find myself nodding in agreement with or bookmarking for retrieval later.

Mike, aka Sizemore , writes about movies, books, tech and London with style that makes designers of Apple products look like 3yr old pottery students. You know that image works better in my head than in my post.

Ourman inside
Roll up all the presenters of The Gadget Show and give them a dog and you have got Christian Payne. Whilst his blog is not specifically focused on tech I think if you watch and listen to his work you’ll see he drives technology to deliver his content.

Social Media Business Strategy by Chris Brogan
The man , the machine , the blog post-o-matic and where most content churned out may bland and and become didactic with age and repition,  Chris Brogans  continues to refine and stay relative and consistent. Theres probably a  reference to Fine Wine which I could fit in there but im saving that for a post about Gary Vaynerchuck.

Web Strategy by Jeremaih Owyang
If there was one person I could ask to spend some time following and learning from then  honest to gods Jeremaih would be it. His more recent posting , Get Noticed is yet another example of paying attention and learning from ideas.

Thankss for reading.

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1 Comments on “Its your 5 a Day on Blogday

  1. Thanks for the link! That’s lovely of you to say… And top of the list! Get in! w00t!!