A Search by any other name would be so Tweet.

Before the news broke that Twitter had  purchased Summize I had planned to write a short post about the merits of instant “buzz” research.

Currently Twitter, an amazingly successful micro blogging platform ,  has captured the attention and the activities of millions of users every day. Admittedly this selection of users are within the narrow Early Adopter/Early majority subset of new users but their audience and subsequent stakeholders are far reaching.

Twitter Search

Search.twitter.com ( formely Summize ) provides an excellent tool for investigating the frequency and volume that a particular word or phrase is being used. For example;

Where search.twitter.com adds value to those searches is in providing an RSS feed which  can be added a to  RSS Reader such as  reader.google.com.  Monitoring the “trends” in conversations through this tool provides marketing and PR with invaluable oversight into what the crowd is whispering or shouting to each other.

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