Their changing the Guard at Facebook Palace

In an article over  on Techcrunch Micheal Arrington notes that  “Facebook Platform”  have replaced their Vice President of Product Management with a Vice President of Communications and Policy.

Replacing an engineer with a lawyer and business advisor seems a very Vulture Capital funded move demonstrating on one side the continued distrust of engineers at board level and on the other side  the lack of faith in developers to manage communities and policies.

Clearly someone is worried about the legal implications of the various less than savoury and copyright infringing applications that have spawned on the Facebook platform.

This is  another Facebook hire of an Exec away from Google.I wonder if we dug a little deeper into those leaving Google that we might discover they  are more business and law facing than code and developer facing ?

A quick Googling of the phrase “Exec Leaves Google” leads to numerous stories which suggest Googles own bouyancy is detering executive “hanger ons”.

I do wonder though when Facebook will put a Face to their own PR and give the users some comfort and contact points if only to assuage the fear of account deletion.

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