Things to do on a Saturday #4 Cooking.

I realise that I probably should not be writting this post whilst my daughter and I are watching Lazy Town but i am sure I can justify it on the basis of it being one of those learning skills activities.

Shortbread cookies

Again this is a project lifted from the pages of one of Alyssas’ magazines and unlike the previous project it  to survived its translation from instructions to creation. Though we made a couple of changes most notably not using sweets with colorings and using a little lemon juice in the shortbread.

When working with a little helper , especially one who wants to do all the pouring, it is a good  idea to plan for all the in between tasks that seem to appear.


Measure all the ingredients into separate bowls.  I set the scale so that it would point to zero when the correct amount was poured in. This made it  easier for Alyssa to pour until the scales pointer head pointing straight up.

Set aside a bowl with warm water and a dry cloth.  Little fingers ( and big ) are going to get messy and sticky and encouraging the  washing of hands whilst handling food is easier to do if your not making trips to the kitchen sink.

The preparation and cooking time were not more than an hour so the distraction factor was far less than that of building a racing car.

Be prepared for mess.

Cooking Mess

One caveat is to learn some patience in letting them cool down before eating ( yes I scolded my tongue )

Cookie Cooking Conclusions

Instructions and guides are in my Flickr Photo Stream.

Thanks for reading.

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