A Little Style that goes a long way.

Take a product that is extremely utilitarian in nature , for example a USB Flash drive , and consider what you might do to it in order to make it attractive or desirable. It certainly would never have occurred to me to stick it into a vinyl caricature humanoid and paint it in the style of film , game or cartoon characters or to cover it in acid style swirls and loops and colour and shape.

mimobot - circus freak

Mimoco.com transformed the usb flash drive into a work of art , an collectible oddity that will stand out on your desk, your keychain or your Mac. When I asked “Do You Mimo ?” the response from Seesmic users shows that the design of these little flash buddies evokes an emotional , personal response from their owners as seen in this Seesmix video :

I met the founder and CEO of Mimoco ,Evan Blaustein , at Podcamp Boston 2 where I took the liberty to twist his arm into joining the ranks of Twitter members where he could talk about his Mimobot adventures. Subsequently Evan offered me a Mimobot of my own , as well as an Vimobot ( Vinyl Art Figure ) collectible on provision that I that I promise to blog about my Mimobot, which im doing now. This has since given me an opportunity to promote both @Mimobot and Mimoco through a little Twitter competition:

I will send my Mimobot and the Unopened Vimobot to my 100th Follower ( since GaryVee joined [1]) which should be the 500th follower , give or take Twitters random acts of arithmetic . I have been keeping track of all the new followers via Email and I promise to send a big Blog post shout out to them once we are there. As an additional bonus @mimobot has promised a Darth Vader Mimobot to one of the 100 followers selected at Random. As I post this entry im only 32 short of 500.

For myself well I can only hope that some astute reader pays attention to the lovely Mimobot Halo series which I must say keep catching my eye, what with christmas being so close an all. Of course if thats to much to ask for then I would happily settle for a brand new Mac Book Pro.

So with obligations met and duties dispensed I have one last thing to say.

Thanks for reading.

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1 Comments on “A Little Style that goes a long way.

  1. Ok, how much do the Mimos cost each (can’t get the mimo.com link to work from this blog) if you buy 250 of them? And can they have a companies branding added to them?